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Collection: 2024 Seedling Sale

Start planning your garden today!

Catena Farm is proud to offer a wide variety of naturally grown seedlings available for contact-free home delivery within the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Delivery Details: 

The cost for contact-free home delivery is $10 or FREE for a $50 (or more) purchase.

Home deliveries will take place from Monday May 13th until Thursday May 16th. We will get in contact with you in late April to tell you the exact date of your home delivery.

Please ensure your contact info is correct during checkout.

*Important note: If your home does not have a secure place to drop off your seedlings you will need to be home for delivery.

We do not necessarily recommend planting your seedlings on the day you get them. Please check the weather forecast in your area to ensure proper transplant conditions.

 To continue with our zero waste initiatives our seedlings are sold in biodegradable pots. These can either be planted directly in the ground or disposed of in the compost. If you plant the biodegradable pot directly in the ground we do recommend removing the bottom to encourage fast root growth. Our seedling labels can also be composted.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Happy Growing!

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