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A Tale Of Two Farmers

  • Winter time at the farm

     We have been pretty quiet over here at the farm but as we slowly emerge from our winter cocoon, we wanted to answer the age-old question, “What do...
  • End of Season Wrap Up!

    Our last CSA basket of the season went out last week and it all feels pretty surreal. This season has been so emotional for us. It was really diff...
  • Animal Farm

    Wow, time has really been flying around here. I haven’t even had the chance to sit down and write a blog update for months. There has been so much ...
  • The road(s) less travelled...

    In our case, less travelled because they suck.
  • Am I being fenced in or are you being fenced out?

    Just two people trying to outsmart some hoofed ruminant mammals.
  • Let the craziness begin!

    Let's do this.
  • A Tale Of Two Farmers - A New Chapter

    Welcome to A Tale Of Two Farmers! A blog where you can witness two city kids start building their country dream farm from the ground up! Follow along to experience all the ups and downs of two first generation farmers creating a sustainable, small-scale farming business.