Coffee Membership - Half Share

Coffee Membership - Half Share

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We have partnered this season with Bridgehead Coffeehouse in order to offer you delicious, Fair Trade, Organic coffee along with your CSA basket. Simply select your bundle of choice and receive a 12oz compostable bag of ethical beans roasted locally in Ottawa.


A half share coffee bundle is 7 bags of roasted coffee  - 1 bag for each week delivered, bi-weekly along with your CSA basket.


The cost is $106 (5% off retail price, includes delivery)


* Important Notes*

Coffee and Tea Bundles cannot be purchased separately without the purchase of a CSA membership.

You can purchase a half share bundle of coffee/tea even if you purchase full share CSA Membership. The bag will be delivered every other week. However, we cannot deliver on 'off' weeks for half share members. This means if you purchase a full share coffee/tea bundle and a half share CSA Membership you will receive 2 bags of coffee/tea with your CSA basket delivery every other week.  


During checkout please tell us the variety you would like (ie: Centro, Logdriver, Bytown, or Decaf), along with the grind you need, or full bean, in the comment box.


Varieties Available:

Centro House - The everyday classic with loads of caramel and cocoa flavour.

Logdriver Espresso - Our classic espresso: balanced with moderate sweetness and acidity. A rich and full flavour that tastes delicious both on its own and with milk

Bytown Boom - A classic dark profile with a strong smooth & robust character

Darn Tasty Decaf - Flavourful with caramel and chocolate notes. Water processed for decaffeinated delight!