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ArtiZen Kombucha, brewed locally in Perth.

1 Litre Bottle - $15.50

Refrigerate right away - Keep refrigerated - DO NOT SHAKE 

Kombucha is fermented tea. Basic kombucha requires only four ingredients: tea, sugar, kombucha culture, and time. Through the magic of fermentation, these things result in a light, refreshing, fizzy drink that's delicious and also offers a plethora of health benefits!

During the process of fermentation, the healthy bacteria and yeasts in the kombucha culture metabolize the nutrients in the tea as well as the sugar (we use organic cane sugar), and change their nature. The result is nutrients that are more bioavailable (are more easily absorbed by the body) and beneficial acids that contribute to our overall well-being, aiding in digestion and fostering a healthy gut flora (essential for our bodies to properly absorb nutrients).