About Us

Catena: The Latin word for chain.
Catena Farm captures the fundamental link between the sun, air, water, animals, plants, soil, and microorganisms. 
We connect the food we grow with the nourishment of our community;
establishing a bond between farmer and consumer.



We are Chris, Jennie and Winnie, the two farmers and owners (and farm pup) of Catena Farm. We fell in love over a decade ago, not only with each other, but with the idea of growing food for our community and one day owning our own farm. Our sweet farm pup joined our family in the 2019 season and has been a bucketful of laughs on this crazy journey. 

Our operation started on a very small garden plot in the city of Ottawa. This was a great learning experience for us that saw many successes and provided many learning opportunities. As we gained experience, we began selling garlic and holding annual spring plant sales. These became popular enough that we received requests to start selling other produce, which we did, customizing weekly orders for friends and family.


Eventually we outgrew our garden and have since started to farm on a larger rented piece of land while we look for the perfect farm to purchase and settle down on. Our philosophy, however, will always be to try to grow the best quality produce possible, which is why we plan on staying small.

Our current piece of rented land is located in Shawville, Quebec. We actively farm on one acre with the intent of doubling our production to two acres when we own our own property. We are choosing to restrict our land use so that we are able to immerse ourselves in the ebb and flow of farm life but still maintain a balanced work-home life. We don’t need to be a multi-million dollar farm to feel successful, so we work enough to be comfortable, and find happiness in our work, each other, friends and family.

Interested in finding out more about us? We'd love to chat! Stop by our zero waste stall at the Lansdowne Farmer's Market every Sunday from 9-3pm May through November.