Hot Peppers


About meHot peppers come in many varieties and heat levels and not everybody can tolerate them. Keep in mind that most of the ‘heat’ is stored in the seeds and membranes, so if you want something less hot, carefully discard them. Hot peppers are a favourite around here and we use them in so many things. Stews, soups, chili, hot sauce, or used to make hot chili oil to put on top of pizza.

StorageBe careful when preparing hot peppers of any kind. For greatest safety wear rubber gloves while chopping and handling them. Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth or other places on your body. Wash hands thoroughly when finished. Slice off the top of the hot pepper, including the stem. Since the heat in chili peppers is concentrated in the seeds and membranes, you can use the whole pepper for a spicy dish, or cut out the heat-filled seeds and membranes and use just the flesh of the hot pepper for cooking.

Recipes: Coming soon to a website near you!