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Sweet Peppers


About meRed, orange and yellow peppers are simply green peppers that were allowed to fully ripen. They are sweeter and need to be eaten sooner. Shapes and sizes vary from round to bell-shaped, to elongated and banana shaped. If peppers are left on the plant for too long while ripening they can become moldy inside. We always try to pick our peppers a few days before fully ripe and let ripen off the plant. This way they are not sucking up water and will not develop mold inside. If you ever receive a pepper that is not fully coloured, simply place it in a paper bag on the counter for a few days until ripe. 

StorageTo refrigerate place peppers in a mesh bag, or paper towel, and then place inside a reused plastic bag, or container inside your hydrator drawer for 1-2 weeks.

To freeze: Wash and dry peppers. Freeze whole or cut into bite-size pieces and place in freezer bag, removing as much air as possible. Peppers will soften when thawed, so take out only the amount you need, and use them in recipes where their crisp texture is not necessary.


Stuffed Poblanos

Sweet Red Peppers - 2 Ways


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