Poblano Peppers

About Me: The poblano is a mild chili pepper originating in Mexico. Dried, it is called ancho or chile ancho, from the Spanish word ancho. Stuffed fresh and roasted it is popular in chiles rellenos poblanos. It has a small kick of heat and a nice earthy flavour. Poblano peppers are good for you, too. Just one medium-sized pepper contains almost ¾ of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A and a quarter of the vitamin B2 you should consume every day.

To store: To refrigerate place peppers in a mesh bag, or paper towel, and then place inside a bag, or container inside your vegetable drawer for 1-2 weeks. You can also dehydrate peppers and store them long-term with whole, or made into powder.

To freeze: Wash and dry peppers. Freeze whole or cut into bite-size pieces and place in freezer bag, removing as much air as possible. Peppers will soften when thawed, so take out only the amount you need, and use them in recipes where their crisp texture is not necessary.

To Dry: Cut a slit, lengthwise, in whole pepper, leaving in the seeds and membrane. Place in the dehydrator overnight. Once peppers have all moisture removed from them, store in an airtight container (a canning jar works well) and keep in a cupboard. Rehydrate with hot water, blend and use as a powder, or use as dried chili flakes.


Stuffed Poblano Peppers