About Me: At Catena Farm we grow a variety of onions: Fresh (also called new), storage (red, yellow, white), sweet (Tropea), scallions (see green onion page), and shallots. New onions are basically ‘storage’ onions that have been pulled from the ground early. They haven’t bulbed up as much yet and have a much milder flavour compared to fully grown onions. We like to harvest at this stage as well as let onions grow to full maturity, that was we get a longer window of delicious local onions! Both types of onions can be used interchangeably in recipes, just remember the slightly milder flavour of new onions. 

Our sweet (Tropea) onions are somewhere in between new and storage. They are great raw or cooked and are definitely our favourite onions around! They are long and slender with a beautiful pink wrapper.

Shallots are a different type of onion but still part of the same family (Allium). They are smaller than storage and new onions and grow with one or two onions inside the same wrapper, depending on the variety. Shallots have a beautiful mild and sweet taste and can be the star of any dish. Cooked slow and low these amazing alliums will melt in your mouth.

To store: New (fresh), and Tropea sweet onions should be stored in a mesh bag, then placed in an airtight container and kept in the fridge. Do not cut the roots off and do not wash until ready to use. Make sure the onions aren’t wet before storing. 

Storage onions and shallots can be kept in any cool, dark, dry place with adequate air circulation for several months if they are cured. Be sure to store onions and potatoes in separate places. Moisture given off by potatoes can cause onions to spoil.




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