About Me: The name says it all: kohl (cabbage) rabi (turnip). This plant was developed by crossing a cabbage with a turnip. The most sought after part of the plant is the enlarged bulb that develops just above the ground, although all parts of the plant are edible. It can be either white, light green, or purple. Kohlrabi is super high in vitamin A, and a good source of dietary fibre. Kohlrabi is great as a slaw, made into fries, or in a tasty salad with fennel and apple. 

Storage: Store kohlrabi bulbs separate from the stems and leaves. Place each  bulb and bunch of stalks in a mesh bag, or paper towel, and then place inside a reused plastic bag, or container inside your fridge crisper. They will keep for at least two weeks.


Shaved Kohlrabi Salad + Mint, Tahini, and Pistachios

Kohlrabi Fries + Dill Sauce

Black Lentil Toastadas + Kohlrabi Mango Slaw