Our 2024 Community Supported Agriculture Memberships (delivery) are sold out. If you would like to arrange on-farm pick-up for your baskets please contact us.

Nervous About Joining a CSA Membership? We Can Help.

A lot of people out there have never been part of a farm CSA membership. Sure, you enjoy local food and really love the idea of getting to know your farmer(s), but there are a couple of nagging reasons not to join that you just can't shake:


  1. You don’t feel you'll be able to go through all the food and some will be wasted.
  2. You don't feel creative enough in the kitchen. Life is busy and you don’t have time to think of elaborate meals for you and/or your family.


Good news! A Catena Farm CSA membership might be the one for you.


 Not only do we love farming, but Chris and I also love to cook. We aren’t fancy or necessarily great at it but we put our best effort towards it because food is at the core of so many things. It sustains us and allows those brain neurons to keep firing all day long, it gives us energy, it is a huge part of our social interactions, and real food connects us to nature. It's so important to us that people not only buy fresh produce, but also embrace the amazing flavours that local, seasonal veggies can bring. When you signup for a CSA share, we try our best to mitigate these two most common CSA worries people tend to have.

 If you’re worried about food waste, our website is filled with ways to use up things like radish greens (e.g. radish top soup, pictured), extra turnips, garlic, or hot peppers. We give recipes for how to ferment and pickle, as well as storage advice for each individual vegetable, fruit, and herb.

 Don’t feel like you have enough recipe ideas to make meals exciting? We send a weekly newsletter with our CSA baskets filled with recipe ideas and meal planning tips. We are obsessed with finding good recipes, which takes all the work out of it for you.

Newsletter Example


 So if you’re on the fence about a CSA membership but really want to support local and eat healthy, we are here to help you to enjoy cooking and fall in love with food.


With love, 

Chris and Jennie