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Seedling Sale - Tomato, Paste

Seedling Sale - Tomato, Paste

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Days to maturity: 75

1 plant in a 4 inch biodegradable pot

Amish Paste roma tomato seeds produce large, heavy fruit that will reward your growing efforts and your palate with the richest sauces and thickest pastes. These lovely, firm heirloom tomatoes are a culinary favourite. The deep red flesh is firm, not too juicy and the taste is a fine balance between sweet and rich. 

The shape of Amish Paste tomatoes varies from "ox heart" to "plum" - both may often be found on the same plant at the same time. Vines continuously produce small clusters of large, deep-red fruit that are nearly seedless.

Indeterminate (needs to be staked or trellised)