Catena Farm CSA Summer Giveaway Contest 2019


  1. Contest runs from April 1st, 2019 - April 30th, 2019
  2. The object of the contest is to get 3 new people or households to purchase a CSA membership through us within the month of April. All 3 people or households must purchase the same sized basket. I.e: they must all purchase a full share or a half share. Get 3 people or households to purchase a full share and YOU get a full share (worth $594). If they all purchase a half share then YOU get a half share (worth $297). No mixing basket sizes for your 3 entries.
  3. Space in the CSA program is limited. The farmers reserve the right to end the contest before April 30th if necessary.
  4. The new members MUST include the following information at the time of payment IN THE ALLOTTED COMMENT BOX:
    Your full name
    Your email address
    Your phone number
  5. The comment box is located on the bottom left of the screen and says: List (up to) 3 items you do not want in your CSA basket. They may also still include any items they do not want. If they do not include all necessary information required then that particular entry for you will not count.
  6. You must sign up NEW members. Those who already have memberships cannot retroactively ask to add your name. No exceptions.
  7. There will be NO REFUNDS on shares purchased during this contest period.
  8. You MUST be willing to pick-up your CSA basket each week for Catena Farm's 18-week membership period. Our designated pick-up spot is Pure Kitchen at 345A Preston Street, Ottawa from 5-7pm. The date is TBD however it will be on Sunday or Monday. You may also schedule a weekly on-farm pick-up at our farm in Shawville.
  9. The 3 new members MUST purchase their basket memberships in full at the time of signing up in order for your entry to be valid.
  10. You and the new CSA basket members MUST abide by the rules and regulations set by your new farmer friends (us) in the CSA Share FAQ page HERE. Please read all of this carefully! CONTESTS ARE AWESOME BUT A CSA BASKET ISN'T FOR EVERYONE.   

6 Easy steps to win this contest :

Step 1 : Decide whether you want a full or half share CSA basket. This will be weekly from mid June until mid October.

Step 2 : Start talking about the importance of small-scale, local farms, and eating nutritious food. Talk to friends, family, co-workers...anyone who thinks these things matter.

Step 3 : Send them to Catena Farm's website to sign up for a 2019 membership.

Step 4: Make sure they add your full name, phone number and email address in the comment box during checkout.

Step 5 : Make sure all 3 people or households purchase the SAME basket size each. No mixing basket sizes for your entries.

Step 6 : Once our 3 new members or households have made their purchase, you can kick back and wait for us to get in touch with you! We'll contact you to discuss your FREE 2019 CSA basket membership! That's 9 (Half share) or 18 (full share) weeks of fresh local produce. Can you dig it ?