Broccoli Leaves

About Me: Highly underrated and often completely overlooked, broccoli leaves should become a staple in peoples’ diets. Broccoli leaves look like tuscan kale, taste sweet like sugar snap peas and offer 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin C and calcium per serving. Broccoli leaves are thicker than kale or collards so generally you wouldn’t use them in a salad but are a great addition to most other dishes. Try them baked in a casserole, added to a stir-fry, used as wraps for a raw dish, or even in replacement of cabbage leaves for a cabbage roll dish.

To store: Put dry, unwashed leaves in a mesh bag, or paper towel, and then place inside a bag, or container inside your fridge crisper. They should last for a few weeks.

To freeze: Wash and cut leaves to desired thickness. Blanch washed greens for 2-3 minutes. Rinse in cold ice water to stop the cooking process, drain, and pack into airtight containers.


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