Collection: Market Shares

Market Shares are a great option for those who want to support small-scale, local agriculture but don't want to make the commitment of joining a CSA program. 


Market Shares are simple. You purchase your Market Share online ($50 to $200 increments) and then whenever it’s convenient for you, take a trip to the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market, visit the Catena Farm stall and stock up on produce!


When you purchase a Market Share we'll add an extra 10% to your credit, free! We keep track of what you’ve purchased and how much you have left in credit. No need to take money out of the bank and you get the freedom of choosing what produce you want, when you want it.

Please note produce available at market is seasonal and availability may be inconsistent due to climate change and other factors. Our produce is grown in the field and not in a greenhouse and therefore susceptible to inclement weather.


Market Share purchases are final – no refunds.

Market Shares are only valid during the season of purchase (May-November).

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