Collection: Brussel Sprouts

Pick Up Date: Saturday May 25 10am - 2pm
Location: Bakervale Drive Ottawa (Specific address will be sent with order confirmation email).
Brussel Sprouts were started indoors for 4 weeks


These orders are on a first come, first served basis and may sell out. Place your orders as early as possible.

We have a wide selection of veggies and herbs available this year. Our seedlings are sold in soil blocks and not in plastic, throw-away pots. We have used soil blocks for many years at our farm and we have decided to continue this with our plant sale.
We ask that everyone brings their own method of transporting the soil blocks – a basket, cardboard, tray, or a wooden box.
What is a soil block? A soil block is a mixture of soil, compost, peat, and organic amendments that is wet and pressed into blocks. This block is basically the pot for the seedling and where it will continue growing until transplanted. When seedlings are grown in pots the roots grow so much they often get rootbound, this stunts the plant’s growth once transplanted. When seedlings are grown in soil blocks, the roots are pruned naturally by the air and are healthier when transplanted.
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