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The Shawville Anti-Vampire Club

 Some of you reading this may know Chris and me, but some may not. Those new to our scene should know that if there was ever a garlic loving couple out there, we’re it. Or, at the very least, we’re best friends with that couple.

 This time of year brings the excitement of a new season of garlic! If you don’t already know, garlic is a magical plant from the allium family. It has an amazing amount of health benefits (see the Our Produce section of our website for more details) and adds a great flavour to any dish. In our Canadian climate we plant garlic in the month of October and start harvesting it the following year. 

 For the past four years we have been using the same organic garlic stock that has been growing in our previous garden. Due to a crazy rainy season a few years ago, some of our garlic seed stock rotted in the ground and we have been forced to purchase new seed to work with. This was both a little disheartening and exciting. We had been growing out our garlic stock (each year the garlic gets bigger) for 4 years and thought of those little guys as our children, but now it’s time to move on. We purchased half of our garlic seed from a Canadian organic grower and will be integrating some new strains in our 2019 season. The soil on our new farm is much better than the soil we had to work with previously. To be honest, we were giggling when we were able to push our garlic cloves into our newly formed raised beds without blocky clay resistance. 


 Planting our garlic seed will probably be the last thing we can do on our new rental land before our South America trip, but believe us, we’ll be somewhere down in Bolivia daydreaming about our summer harvest.


With love,
Chris and Jennie

Catena Farm