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The Rental Chronicles

 Chris and I never really knew how emotional searching for land could be. We have been at it for about a year and a half now still with no luck. At a certain point we had planned on putting our search on hold because of our upcoming winter getaway to South America and that time passed us by a while ago. Luckily, because of our lengthy and detailed life plan, we had foreseen potential issues with trying to buy something and came up with a backup plan. Well, thank goodness for backup plans! We decided if we can’t buy, no problem, we can rent, and that is precisely what we are doing!

 We kicked out a throwback to the olden days where people found things without the use of internet. Crazy. We verbally inquired, we posted flyers and eventually someone came calling. We were able to secure an acre of farmland to rent for the 2019 growing season. We would like to officially introduce you to our beautiful acre of land! 

 After a year and a half of looking, now comes the hard part; land preparation! We are scrambling to get as much of this work done before we leave, but it feels good get a head start before the sloppy spring weather is here, foiling our plans. Our tools that were packed safely away are now out and working hard to cut grass, hill beds, shovel, spread, and level compost. We probably won’t get as much prepared as we want, but that’s the life of a farmer. Roll with it or it’ll go ahead and roll right over you.


With love,
Chris and Jennie

Catena Farm